Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association

of British Columbia


To promote the certification and education of maintenance personnel to a level that will ensure the ability of the emergency service personnel to perform their functions safely and to the benefit of the general public.


​​​​​In 2002 Kamloops Fire Rescue held their first Emergency Vehicle Mechanics Training Conference, starting an annual event that has continued to draw Emergency Vehicle mechanics/technicians from all over western Canada and beyond.

These early 2002 to 2005 Training events gave rise to the formation of an Emergency Vehicle’s Technicians Association. Then Captain Neil Moroz and Fire Chief Gary McCall of Kamloops fire rescue encouraged the mechanics to go to the next level and form an Association.

The first meeting of Emergency Vehicle Mechanics Association of BC was held after the Kamloops Training Conference 2006.  With overwhelming support from the mechanics, Chiefs, and Trades in attendance, an Executive was formed and the structure of EVTA of BC was proposed. 

City of Nanaimo Fire Mechanic, Les Venables volunteered to take the role of President and with his wife Ann Vincent, they proceeded to set up the Association.  By the spring of 2007, Emergency Vehicle Technician’s Association had become a non-profit Incorporated Association, registered with the Province of BC, complete with a Constitution and By-Laws to support the mandate:  

  • To maintain a high standard of Education and Professionalism while advancing Certification of the Emergency Vehicle Repair Technician;
  • To establish the best practices in the Emergency Technical Field related to design and maintenance of Emergency Equipment and apparatus;
  • To unite to exchange information and ideas to the Association’s mutual benefit and to increase opportunities for networking;
  • To promote goodwill, friendship and commaradie among members.

In 2007 President, Les Venables retired from the City of Nanaimo and gave EVTA his full commitment.   Ann Vincent, now the Association Administrator, developed a website to feature the Training Seminars and Certification, complete with online registration and payment.  Les and Ann worked with EVTA Board members to procure trainers, establish venues, represent at trade shows and meet with Fire chiefs and other groups.  EVTA was set up to offer the best training in Western Canada and offer mechanics the opportunity to become EVT Certified.  

After nine busy years, both Les and Ann stepped down to enjoy retirement with their families, confident that EVTA of BC would continue to support and train EVT’s of the future. 


The purpose of the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association of BC is to facilitate training and promote educational processes. Our Association offers a platform for our members to network with other technicians on matters regarding emergency vehicle/apparatus maintenance, repair, guidelines and standards.  EVTA of BC encourages technicians to have input in the development of these issues. 


The Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association of BC is comprised of vehicle maintenance personnel from within the Emergency Services field and other interested sectors of local government and private industry.  Membership is not limited to the province of B.C. ​​