About the E.V.T.A. of B.C.

Our History:  

In 2002 Kamloops Fire Rescue held their first Emergency Vehicle Mechanics Training Conference, starting an annual event that has continued to draw Emergency Vehicle Technicians and Mechanics from all over Western Canada.  Read more..

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association of B.C is to facilitate training and promote educational processes.  Our not-for-profit Organization offers a platform for our members to network with other technicians on matters regarding emergency vehicle/apparatus maintenance, repair, guidelines and standards.  We encourage technicians to have input in the development of these issues.


To promote the certification and education of maintenance personnel to a level that will ensure the ability of the emergency service personnel to perform their functions safely and to the benefit of the general public.

Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association

of British Columbia


The Emergency Vehicle Technicians' Association of B.C. is comprised of vehicle maintenance personnel from with the Emergency Services field as well as other interest sectors of local government and private industry.  Membership is not limited to the Province of B.C. Apply for Membership