Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association

of British Columbia


To promote the certification and education of maintenance personnel to a level that will ensure the ability of the emergency service personnel to perform their functions safely and to the benefit of the general public.

About the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Certification Commission (EVTCC)

EVT Certification Information

Although not affiliated with the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission (EVTCC), the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association of B.C. fully supports them in the development of effective training programs for all emergency vehicle technicians in both Canada and the U.S.   

We also recognize the EVT Certification Program** offered through the EVTCC as a means to enhance and improve our EVT members through education, training, and recognition, ultimately benefiting the technician, their employers, the industry and most importantly the general public.  We accomplish this by offering our Annual Training Seminar event to facilitate preparatory workshops on some of the Certification levels so that our members can challenge the certification exams at a proctored test site that we host at the end of the event.  

​Who do I contact to learn more about EVT Certification?

​Please contact the EVTCC.  All Canadian EVTs must be registered with them in order to write any of the EVT Certification exams required to complete the Certification Program.  The EVTCC website also contains links to course overviews and self-study information that you can download free of charge in the event you cannot attend our Annual Training Seminars for the preparatory workshops or you want to challenge an exam at one of the National Test sites.