Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association

of British Columbia

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To promote the certification and education of maintenance personnel to a level that will ensure the ability of the emergency service personnel to perform their functions safely and to the benefit of the general public.

Emergency Vehicle Technicians Association of BC Endorses the EVT Certification Program

Emergency apparatus and equipment must be ready to respond and perform to its' highest capabilities at a moment's notice.  Today there is a great deal of emphasis placed on the condition and performance of an emergency response vehicle while ensuring personal safety for those who use it.  Despite rapidly changing technology, emergency vehicle technicians are still expected to be multi-faceted in their ability to handle day to day maintenance as well as troubleshoot and conduct repair tasks.  In addition to reliability and safety, many agencies with a fleet maintenance department are also recognizing the benefits of involving their emergency vehicle technicians in the apparatus and equipment purchasing process.  

Not only does an emergency vehicle technician need to be tech savvy,  but they also need to understand the regulations and standards to which all emergency equipment manufacturers must comply.  Naturally this begs the question, what level of training or endorsements do emergency vehicle technicians currently require to sustain the expectations in fleet maintenance today? 

In the past, a Emergency Vehicle Technician’s need for on-going training, education and recognition as an expert in the field has often been unfulfilled. Subsequently, the Emergency Vehicle Technicians Certification Commission (EVTCC), that emerged from the Fire Service industry, continues to offer assistance to emergency vehicle technicians to meet these needs. 

EVTA of BC fully supports the EVTC Commission in the development of effective training programs for all emergency vehicle technicians.  The EVTA of BC also recognizes the
EVT Certification Program** as a means to enhance and improve the technician’s career through education, training, and recognition, ultimately benefiting the technician, their employers, the industry and most importantly the general public.

Note:  EVTA of BC is a registered non-profit society in the Province of BC and is not affiliated with the Emergency Vehicle Certification Commission, EVT Certification Inc.