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To promote the certification and education of maintenance personnel to a level that will ensure the ability of the emergency service personnel to perform their functions safely and to the benefit of the general public.

​​​​Welcome Emergency Vehicle Technicians!

December, 2017

To All EVTA of BC Members,

Re:  Membership Dues

Invoices have now been emailed to all members for 2018 Membership Dues. Any membership dues that are currently outstanding from 2017, have been added to your Invoice.  Invoices for membership dues, including dues in arrears must be paid by January 31, 2018.  

Just a reminder that in order to register for our Annual Training Seminars you will now be required to be a member in good standing with EVTA of BC. 

(See Article 2 - Membership of the EVTA of BC Constitution and Bylaws for more information.)

If you have any questions about your dues and/or reinstating your membership please contact me directly to discuss.  (See Contact Us section)

Thank you in advance for keeping your membership dues up to date!

President, Frank Gale

   Members please take note..

  • Read the Annual General Meeting Minutes from   June 1, 2017

  • View our new Constitution and Bylaws - Click Here

Pay an EVTA of BC Invoice On-line!

Thank you to Sigma Safety Corp. and Rocky Mountain Phoenix for your contributions in support of the 2017 EVTA of BC Training Seminars.